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Become an Auto Mechanic with Ecolab Auto

If you love working with automobiles and want to make a great income as an auto mechanic, Ecolab Auto offers you just what you are looking for. Based in Montreal, our school provides an actual auto shop experience where you will gain the experience that you need to become an automobile mechanic.

Thousands of our graduates have gone on to build successful careers as auto mechanics for auto shops and prominent car dealerships, including Volkswagen, Infiniti, Toyota, and Honda.

Our programs have been designed in collaboration with the automotive industry, and with our extensive network, we are able to place our graduates in different companies for different positions like automobile damage appraisers, technical advisors, and parts clerks.

Ecolab Auto

Ecolab Auto offers regular, modular programs with a variety of schedules to suit your needs at very competitive fees. A career as an automobile mechanic is a great choice since there are now more auto mechanics retiring from the field than newly trained auto mechanics entering the industry.

We offer a 27-week program to make you familiar with all automobile systems. This intensive program will help you jump right into the industry as an automobile mechanic.

There is also a large market for automobile damage estimators and automobile damage appraisers. Our automobile damage estimator training courses prepare you to join the insurance industry as well as the automotive world.

Graduates will understand the automobile body and how to assess the damage, how to estimate repair and parts costs, how to use the Audited software and how insurance procedures work.

You can also choose to become a technical advisor specializing in advising clients, or a technical advisor specializing in quality control in auto mechanics shops.

Another study option we offer you is training as a parts clerk, where you will learn how to manage inventory as well as all aspects of marketing and sales of automotive parts. As you can see, if you love cars, Ecolab Auto is the choice for you.

Ground Support Equipment from GTA Aviation

For the past 10 years, GTA Aviation Ground Equipment has been providing ground support equipment and airline equipment to clients around the world. At GTA Aviation Ground Equipment, we are committed to excellence, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our aircraft ground support equipment utilizes cutting-edge technology that breaks through the barriers of conventional ground support equipment for aircraft and ensures the maintenance of strict standards to ensure safety and superiority in our products. Auto Mechanic with Ecolab Auto

Our airport ground service equipment ranges from dollies and pushback tractors, loaders, and other air start plus ground power units. All of this, of course, is top-of-the-line machinery built upon the foundations of state-of-the-art technology that seeks to provide comprehensive ground support for aircraft.

We offer brand new (straight of the production line) airport ground support equipment for clients that seek a higher-end level of quality. Clients from all around the world have benefited from our customer support and expertise, allowing them to make the right decisions when procuring aviation ground support equipment.

GTA Aviation

GTA Aviation also provides cost-burden reduction solutions for businesses that seek our support in deriving competitive advantages through cost reduction.

Our refurbished ground service equipment comes with service personnel and information that will help you make the right call when looking for aviation ground service equipment.

You can also hedge away from the risk of the capital investment by indulging in our wide range of aircraft ground support equipment and help improve the efficiency of your own services through our ground support equipment purchases.

Our rental stock is always well equipped with the relevant aviation ground support equipment that your company needs.

At GTA Aviation Ground Equipment Specialties, we are committed to establishing strong business ties with our partners. Our ground support equipment has been satisfying customers for over 10 years now and we are now the designated exclusive distributor of JTB.

Effective business partnerships are the key to developing better opportunities and increasing competitive advantage for all those involved in the long-term, strategic connections based upon our ground support equipment.

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