The Algerian Love Knot designed by Sophie Harley

For the beautiful James Bond actress Eva Green the Algerian Love Knot Necklace was created especially by London based jeweler Sophie Harley.

Eva Green portrayed Vesper Lynd in Ian Flemings’ James Bond Casino Royale and wore that necklace for the duration of the entire movie.


The necklace appears afterwards just as before, as James Bond, acted by Daniel Craig, is observed to carry it with him through Quantum of Solace.

The particular handmade necklace features connected bands along with historic symbols and is made from solid 18 ct gold and encrusted with real diamonds. Because the price tag is defined to be exclusive, a lot of people who would want to order an Algerian Love Knot Necklace will discover they are just not equipped to afford the $2.800 price.

After the love knot as a sign of everlasting and timeless love had caught the eyes, brains and souls of a worldwide audience, the necklace received popularity, particularly within James Bond admirers.

That is why quite similar necklaces came up on the market, that tend to be available for only a small percentage of the original price tag, which makes the Algerian Love Knot Necklace as well budget friendly for the general shopper.

For individuals on budget, all these necklaces are very similar to the original one; however they are definitely not distinct replicas.


The earrings which Vesper Lynd was showing off in the movie Casino Royale. Were crafted by Sophie Harley as well. Manufactured from oxidized silver with 18 carat gold plated detailing, and semi precious black and red garnet stone drop briolette, these delightful earrings are especially designed for the movie. The design of these earrings brought the encouragement for replicas described as Bond girl earrings.

Having said that, for everyone where it fits the budget, a handmade duplicate of the Algerian Love Knot that is created from sterling silver and 22 carat gold plate can be purchased either in the showroom of the London based celebrity designer Sophie Harley or purchased over the internet.

A Look at Cubic Zirconium Engagement Rings

Though Cubic Zirconium engagement rings look extremely close to actual diamond rings, you’ll locate that they price just a percentage of an actual diamond’s cost.

Typically the cost for a Cubic Zirconium Engagement Ring ranges between 20 to 40 dollars, while designer styles may possibly price up to 100, often a little bit more. Nevertheless, the price tag becoming so a lot lower than that of a real diamond ring makes Cubic Zirconium engagement rings inexpensive for the average customer. This is among the factors why these rings became so well-known and why you are able to discover a lot of Cubic Zirconium engagement rings available on the market.

A Cubic Zirconium stone, which you may also discover named as CZ stone, can be a laboratory developed gem made from zirconium oxide in cubic form. Though originally thought of becoming an imitation of real diamonds, CZ stones have their own personality and are utilized in a lot of different ways nowadays.

Although it can be quite challenging to spot the distinction between a CZ stone on a Cubic Zirconium engagement ring plus an actual diamond, it is necessary to notice that there are different qualities of CZ stones. These qualities are graded with the letters A, AA, AAA, AAAA and AAAAA, with the five A top quality becoming the most effective and also the single A quality being the least great.

Even so the good quality is graded so widely, you will discover that all of them have a fantastic stone with distinct cuts. Talking about cuts, it can be necessary to note, that a brilliant cut will be the finest to go for as it ensures the diamond-like sparkle and it makes the Cubic Zirconium engagement ring resemble a real diamond so extremely that the distinction can just be spotted by an expert.

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